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Cloud Based Clinic Lab Test System

Notre Dame Testing System

The HealthCert Lab Test system manages the testing process and allows Notre Dame Medico Dental Clinics, Inc. to produce employment cetificates for land and sea based OFWs. With the cloud based system and our managed servies, Notre Dame Medico Dental Clinics, Inc., can concentrate on their business and leave IT requirements to us.

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Scouting Cental for BSP


The Boy Scouts of the Philippines (BSP) is committed and determined to fully engage its members – past and present – all over the country and even abroad with the beta launch of Scouting Central, a “self-service” Website that will allow Scouts to record, monitor, organize, and share their Scouting activities and achievements online. Scouting Central is a Messengers of Peace project of BSP.

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Sales Force Tracking Android App


Sales Force Tracking System using Android Phones. The system uses 2 apps, the Sales Force Logger and Sales Force Trakker. SF Logger is installed on a salespersons phone, while SF Trakker is installed on a manager or business owner's phone.SF Logger sends a salesperson's GPS location via SMS in response to SMS queries by SF Trakker equipped phones.

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Custom Google App for MHAI


Systema deployed for Manila Hearing Aid, Inc., a custom google web application to handle their customer relations management. Off the shelf CRM was not a good fit for them because of the unique requirements in the Hearing Aid business.

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